NEW Canidae Pure has arrived!!!!

If you have a dog with skin issues, please give Canidae Pure Elements a try.  A limited ingredient diet from a family-owned manufacturer will help alleviate your pets itchy skin and support American workers and families!  3# sample bag will arrive 10/28/16.  Canidae will be at our Fur and Feathers Festival October 29th from 11-2!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Your Pure Elements product has changed my life! How’s that? I have a extremely rare “picky eater golden retriever with a sensitive stomach” so finding a food that didn’t make him vomit or have loose stools was the first goal. And secondarily having him eat it. I used to mix gravy, canned food or people food into the various kibble products just to trick him into eating it. Then I tried Canidae products. We tried a couple of the life stages with limited results and then  – Canidae Pure Elements. At last I have a quality dog food that I can scoop into a bowl and I don’t have to add anything! He eats it all so I don’t have to worry about his brother finishing it for him. After 3 years I finally have a solution. Even though your product is more expensive than most – I save on carpet cleaning, add-ins and time. Thank you!

-Marjori L.