Happy Holidays VG Friends!

Thanksgiving morning 2016.  It's 5:30am and the whole house is asleep.  Soon my 5 year old and my 18 year old will wake up and start tormenting each other.  Then my incredible mom will arrive, and my wife and I will spend a quiet day with the family.  This of course includes our 6 dogs and 2 cats, as well as the chickens, ducks and goats.  Oh, and the fighting fish and placo.  

The Thanksgiving rush was actually incredibly manageable this year.  We accommodated almost every request, except a few of those last minute call ins.  Thank you to my incredible coworkers, Annie, Melissa, Kat, Brit, Kathy, Javier, Miguel, Christopher, Kendyl & Alex for a smooth holiday rush.  Your babies were in good hands.

I am looking back on this past year, and I want to say thank you to so many of you.  It has been a challenging time for me personally, working my way back from a life-changing injury.  Your support and love and continued dedication to The VG and what we are always creating means more to me than I can ever express.  From me personally, and my mother Kathy, thank you for our 46th successful year.  

I thank my staff and my clients, and express the deepest gratitude, because without all of you, there wouldn't be a VG!  It is a group effort to have something so incredible and positive with such longevity.  

Speaking of longevity, I want to take a moment and celebrate the 20th anniversary of working with Anne Francis.  Anne walked through the door when she was 18 and blew my mind with her grooming.  20 years later, she is a celebrated member of GroomTeam USA, placing in the top 5 competitive groomers in the USA!  She has been named Best Journalist in the industry, and is now teaching at conferences around the country.  I am in awe of her dedication and continued passion for grooming, and my mom and I are so proud to call her family.  We have been through so much in our lives over 20 years, and she is one of my best friends.  I celebrate you, Annie, and the gifts and energy you bring to the grooming table and my life.  I love you with all my heart.

I wish all of you a wonderful and loving Thanksgiving holidays.  To all of you from all of us, may your Thanksgiving Day be exactly what you need!