At the Village Groomer and Pet Supply our philosophy is to respect that connection between our clients and their humans, and treat every pet in our care as if they are our own.

Our mission can be summed up easily:

Our mission is to love pets.  

In moments when we are challenged by a nervous pet or a behavioral problem, we try to sense the source of the fear and work with the animal to calm them and make them feel safe.

It is our belief that if we always do what is best for the pet, we can't go wrong.

47th anniversary bash coming up

When my father opened the doors in 1969, he had realized that the thing that fed his heart and soul on a daily basis was his menagerie of pets.  I'm sure he'd jump in right now and say that my brothers and I fed his heart too, and we did; but it was Barney the West Highland Terrier, Goldie the Golden, Yeti the Himalayan and all the other four-leggeds that always loved him without condition, that met him at the door at the end of every long day and thought he was sheer perfection.

That's what our pets do. They love us and nourish our hearts.      

— Missi Salzberg


Our Location:

2245 Providence Highway
Walpole, MA 02081