Kathy "Mama" Salzberg, NCMG

Kathy joined the Village Groomer with her husband Dave back in 1976, and went on to become a Certified Master Groomer.  She is a nationally recognized journalist and was awarded the Crystal Achievement Award for her work twice. Although she is retired now, she is still a driving force in our business, providing support and insight to all.  Kathy survived a brain aneurysm in 2011, and each and everyday we are grateful to have her here with us!  Thank you to all of you that called, emailed, and prayed! 

Missi Salzberg


Missi grew up at the shop.  She took naps in the cubbies with the dogs after school, and rang up millions of dollars in fake sales on the old crank register!  She returned to the family business in 1994 when her father became ill, and has been at the helm ever since.  She has written extensively for her industry trade magazines and has lead workshops and seminars all over the country as an educator for Oster Professional Products. 

Missi also owns Chickadee Seed & Feed in the same plaza as The Village Groomer & Pet Supply.

Anne Francis


Annie has been by my side for over 19 years now.   She has won multiple awards in the grooming ring and the Cardinal Crystal Award for Journalism for her work in Grooming Business Magazine.  Her attention to detail and character have put her artistry in high demand!  From a very young age, she knew she would dedicate her professional life to caring for animals, and we are blessed to have her on our team.

Kathy Duffus, NCMG

Kathy has been with us since 2000 and has over 35 years of grooming experience. A National Certified Master Groomer, Kathy bred American Cocker Spaniels for many years.  These days she spends more time on her Harley Davidson with her husband, Al!

Melissa Deeter


Melissa has been with the Village Groomer for 12 years now.  It is wonderful to see her work on even the fussiest of Shih tzu's, Shetland Sheepdogs and Yorkshire Terriers.  We notice her attention to detail on the faces of all the dogs she grooms. She is an incredibly gentle soul, and the dogs feel that in her hands.  She is the proud human to Ginger, Miyagi, Marvin and Noodles! 

Kat Conway


Kat is not only a great groomer, but she's funny as heck and makes the day go by a bit faster!  She is an avid horsewoman and she and her husband Mark just bought their first home.  They also share the house with a big goofy Mastiff named Tonka and Brutus the Giant Schnauzer!

Javier Ortiz  

Javier runs our bathing department, and just celebrated his 7th year with us! He is our go-to-guy on so many levels.  He is an incredibly hard worker and we are so lucky to have him on our team!

Christopher mitchell



Christopher will be the extremely kind and courteous young man you will meet at the counter on most days!  He is a sweetheart, and one of my best friend's kids!  An accomplished musician, Christopher has said he's happy if he can play great music and hang out with dogs! 



Jenn is your morning head camp counselor in daycare!  Watching over your babies Tuesday through Friday and making sure they have a safe environment to play and be dogs!!!  She is also the great photographer that posts so many awesome pics of your babies in doggy daycare!  We lucked out finding this gal!


Boujee, Nani & Michael (RIP) are on staff full-time as our Snack Consultants & Style Advisors.  This picture was taken on one of their many vacations to Auntie Alice's Private Poodle Camp.