A full groom includes a brush-out, bath, blow-dry, nail trim, ear cleaning and plucking, and the appropriate haircut.  Whether you want your pet in the American Kennel Club Standard or a cute puppy cut, our professional groomers will love your baby through the process. 

Prices vary based on breed, coat type, coat condition and frequency of grooming.

We offer scissored haircuts as well as handstripping.  Ask for details.


If your baby just needs to be freshened up, we offer "B and B's" or brush out and baths!  We will bathe and dry your pet with a nail trim and ear care.  

Prices vary based on breed, coat type, coat condition and frequency of grooming.


We do nail trims and nail-grinding Tuesday through Saturday 10:00-3:00 as a walk-in service. Early morning is too busy as we are taking in the grooming and daycare kids.  If you are going to arrive after 3:00, please call to confirm that there is a groomer in house.  Our front room staff does not provide any grooming services.  



Many owners enjoy a squeaky clean pet, while others want to maintain a very full haircut but just don't have the time.  Still others have been prescribed frequent medicated baths by their veterinarian but the process is just a mess!  

Scrub club works like a gym membership.    It is paid automatically on the 1st of the month for weekly baths.  It is not meant to replace grooming, but rather help maintain dogs between grooms.  Ask for a quote!  (If you are traveling for more than 4 weeks, Scrub Club can be put on hold, but there is no credit for vacation weeks and missed appointments.)

GROOM & PLAY & Doggy Daycare

While your pet is with us, they can play in an open space while they wait their turn for grooming!  They run around in our indoor play area or outdoor kennel area and get some of that excess energy out!  All dogs in Groom & Play must be up to date on all of their shots, including Bordatella, Rabies and Distemper.  No dogs under 6 months and all must be spayed/neutered.  No exceptions, and records must be provided.  We also offer daycare services FOR OUR GROOMING CLIENTS ONLY.  We believe that if we know the kids in daycare, it is much less likely we will have behavioral issues.  Open Tues-Fri only.

*All dogs in Groom & Play and daycare must play well with others!  There is no expiration on daycare packages and there are no refunds on daycare packages unless it is the result of behavioral issues.*  Ask for pricing.  


You may request the following services in addition to your grooming:

Teeth Brushing
Anal Gland Expression
Nail Painting
Medicated Baths for Any Skin Conditons
Hair coloring with safe, temporary dyes
Flea and Tick Funerals!  

All dogs in our care must be current on their vaccines and proof is required.  Our fax # is 508-734-5891 if you'd like to have your vet send over records.  We do not contact veterinarians for clients.  It is private information.

Any pets that show signs of fleas or flea 'dirt' will be given immediate treatment to protect the rest of the animals in our care.  We do offer all necessary products to handle flea issues and would be happy to explain the process.  Just ask!