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While the Village Groomer has made it's reputation for dog grooming since 1969, we are also skilled cat groomers.  Cats present a different set of challenges in the grooming process, and we want our cat owners to understand those challenges.  If you plan on having your cat professionally groomed, please read about our approach here.

Unlike dog grooming, where one professional groomer grooms one dog at a time, we have always utilized two professional groomers on each cat during the grooming process.  One groomer's sole responsibility is to safely and respectfully hold your cat during grooming.  The other groomer actually performs the groom.  During the prep, bath and finish, there are two focused groomers taking part in the process.  Cats are quick and their bites and scratches can severely injure a groomer and put them out of work.  We believe that our approach is the safest and most secure way to handle cat grooming.  Because of this precaution, cat grooming is significantly more expensive than dog grooming.  It is actually twice the labor.  This is one of the most commonly asked questions.  "Why is it more than dog grooming?"

Cats are also much more prone to stress during grooming.  They are not a fan of water, and they get groomed much less often than their canine counter parts.  My mother once had an angry cat bite completely through the joint between her thumb and pointer finger.  She was just beginning to shampoo the cat and it was so quick and so fast, she barely saw it happen, but it became infected very quickly and she was out of work for over a month.  Another cat bit through a heavy duty hose in the tub.  The stories go on and on, but the point is that we are not taking any chances with your pet's safety, or the safety of my staff.

Another major difference between dogs and cats is their skin.  How many times I heard my mom say "Their skin is like tissue paper..." when trying to explain why we have to be so careful shaving a matted cat.  It is a slow and precise process.  If your cat is matted and requires shaving, it takes more time due to more risk.  

I recently had a customer make a negative comment regarding the price of cat grooming, and it really took me aback.  This is a challenging process.  The majority of professional groomers do not offer cat grooming because of the reasons listed above. It's just not worth the risk, especially when it feels unappreciated.  I know I am being very transparent here, but this is important for people to understand.  The huge box stores within our service area refer all of their cat grooming to us because they just don't want to deal with all of the challenges.  It is too risky and not profitable enough for their business model.  

Now approaching our 50th anniversary, I want my clients to feel assured that we have expertise and have learned the lessons 50 years brings.  We have your pet in mind, first and foremost,at all times.  It is always our intention to care for the pets we encounter safely, kindly and with the greatest respect.  For us, it means these extra measures for cat grooming.  We hope to see you soon.

Missi and Mooshi

Missi and Mooshi